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Национальные костюмы - ретро-фото

Немного отдохнем от цвета, полюбуемся формами и орнаментами.

Оригинал взят у halibi в Национальные костюмы - ретро-фото
Источник: http://www.diary.ru/~oldpostcards/p172780382.htm?oam#more1

Tunisia, 1920s.

Robert W. Kelley. Havana, Cuba, February 1954.

Carl Mydans. Milan, Italy, 1940.

Leonard McCombe. Montevideo, Uruguay, 1964.

Hans Wild. Scotland, September 1946.

Black Forest, Germany, undated.

Walter Sanders. Yugoslavia, June 1948.

Howard Sochurek. Cambodia, July 1952.

Nicholas Senn. Tahiti, 1906.

A Zulu chief calling his warriors to attention. Hart Preston. South Africa, May 1943.

Prince Mukkaram Jah Bahadur. Jack Birns. India, September 1948.

Jack Birns. China, April 1948.

Eliot Elisofon. France, September 1948.

A Jewish Tunisian woman knitting. Frank Scherschel. Tunisia, 1950s.

Margaret Bourke-White. Johannesburg, South Africa, April 1950.

Native American Indian from Southeastern Indiana reservation, standing on handcrafted rug and wearing tribal vestments. Indiana, 1897.

Walter Sanders. Oberammergau, Germany, June 1947.

Mezokovesd, Hungary, 1937. 

Frank Scherschel. Cuzco, Peru, June 1945.

Dmitri Kessel. Iran, April 1951.

Alfred Eisenstaedt. Volendam, Holland, 1932.

Eliot Elisofon. Kyoto, Japan, 1961.

Kiowa Indian boy, lying on animal skin rug, dressed as an Osage. Will Soule. USA, 1870.

A Uighur girl from Kashgar. Photograph by William Vandivert. Sinkiang, China, 1943.

Walter Sanders. Oberammergau, Germany, June 1947.

Czech peasant women with child wearing their fanciest dress-up clothes in their village in the Bohemia section of the country. Margaret Bourke-White. Mrakov, Czechoslovakia, 1937.

Muslim women wearing veils and clothing to completely cover their bodies. William Vandivert. Yugoslavia, 1939.

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